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This web site is operated and funded by Jeff and Cheryl Morgan, Realtors ® at Hilton Head Island Realty & Rentals, one of the oldest real estate companies on the island. We want this to be a central portal for your guests to find resort information, maps, pictures and other fun information to help their vacation planning efforts. Hopefully, Hilton Head Island Realty will get a few sales contact requests from the "For Sale" transfer link on this website. If we can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All owners are entitled to one free listing with a description of your condo and contact information, up to 100 words. You can use this as a link to your own personal web site or rental agency if you have one. Simply email your name, a short text description and a single photo showing the view from your balcony That's all there is to it!

If desired, we can take high-quality digital photos of your condo for you on our next visit that fits your rental schedule. The charge for this service is $75 and will include a variety of pictures for you to choose. A copy of all the pictures will be provided to you on a dvd. Each additional condo is $50 if we can photograph them all on a single visit to the resort. You can probably use these for insurance purposes and the service might be tax deductible.

Non-resort advertisements and click-thrus are not permitted without prior approval. Free listings are maintained on a best effort basis with a maximum of 2 free updates per year. Donations to help support this site are most welcome.

Businesses such as realty companies, condo cleaning services, mortgage and insurance companies, restaurants, etc, will also get a free link to their commercial sites or a simple business card size text ad. These businesses must provide direct services or special deals for Villamare owners and guests. For example, restaurants can offer a discount for guests that show their Villamare pass. That deal would entitle them to a free ad.

I've already linked to a few sites that I have knowledge. Keep in mind, we do not endorse any company or play favoritism with any entity other than the regime and board of directors. Links will be added on a first come, first served basis and we reserve the right to order and arrange the entries as necessary and to edit the content to suit the usability of this website.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse or to remove any free web page or company link that we and/or the regime consider inappropriate for this site and for any reason and without prior notice.

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